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  1. EMS Users Conference presentation

    I'm looking forward to presenting an update on ERCOT's Macomber Map at the 2011 EMS Users Conference

  2. SxSW ECO Panel

    I'm excited to be a panelist at 2011 SxSW ECO.

  3. ComputerPsych Website move in progress

    The website is currently being moved to a new host. Please pardon the broken links during the migration.

  4. New normal curve range visualization tool

    While working on new versions of NormDist (Windows, Mac, iPhone/iPad and Android), an additional research tool was developed allowing visualization of standard scores within a range (min/mean/max).

  5. T&D World: Situation Awareness (Feb. 2011)

    I had the pleasure of co-authoring a paper on ERCOT's control room situation awareness.

  6. T&D World honor - Sept 2010 Characters with Character

    I'm honored by T&D World's highlighting me in their Sept. 2010 Characters with character series.

  7. New York Times article on Macomber Map

    I'm honored for ERCOT's support and encouragement for the Macomber Map. I wish Gary could see it and hope he'd be proud.

  8. NormDist 2.0.1 available again for download

    After repairing the download system, ComputerPsych's most requested utility, NormDist, is available for download.