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2011-08-31 13:11:12

ComputerPsych.com is in the midst of a migration. Please excuse any broken links or missing information as the updated website is installed.

If you are seeing a missing page, please let me know about it.

  1. Normal Distribution Curve Calculator

    A popular tool to help practitioners and students convert between normalized measures, and perform calculations against several detection theories.

  2. Variable Contrast Continuous Performance Test (VC-CPT)

    A research tool designed to measure several variables of attention by targeting visual pathways and streams individually, in order to locate neurological deficits that can often be misinterpreted as a

  3. Image Analysis Toolkit (IA)

    A tool allowing for altering images in both the image and spatial (Fourier) domains.

  4. Tone Generation System

    A tool for creating of simple and complex stimuli for auditory evoked potentials and other neuroscience research.