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Privacy Policy
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2011-09-09 12:25:50

ComputerPsych's privacy policy is designed to ensure the confidentiality and protection of your data.


Aside from complying with legal demands (e.g., subpoena), your contact and other information will not be shared with anyone.

Sale of contact information

Your contact information will NOT be sold for any reason, nor will any personally-identifiable information be shared with anyone.

Email address storage and usage

Your email address is stored in the ComputerPsych database in order to allow you to log in, reset your password, and if you choose, receive updates on ComputerPsych products and services. Any update emails will contain links within them with clear instructions on how to remove your name from the list.

Retaining credit card information

Purchases and billing is conducted through PayPal via their SDK. PayPal's overall privacy policy can be found here.

Password encryption

ComputerPsych does not store your password. Instead, it converts your password to cryptographic-strength salted/hashed data. As such, it is not possible to e-mail you your old password, and therefore you must reset lost passwords via the reset password interface.

Revisions to this policy

We have no expectations that this privacy policy will change. However, proposed changes (with explanations) will be offered a minimimum of 30 days before implementation. ComputerPsych.com members will receive notification emails about the proposed changes, and have an opportunity to vote or comment on the changes.

Further comments?

Please feel free to contact us with any further questions on our privacy policy. Thank you.